7 Park Street        South Dayton NY          14138

  The schedule is made and I am so excited to welcome my students, both old and new!❤️

      I am working on changing up the studio a bit. Keeps it exciting for all:) This year we are setting up a recording area with my mac. It will be nice to make cd’s for families of all our amazing pieces we learn. It is really neat hearing the difference in our playing in just a short few months. With my son attending college for sound recording I am anxious to have him home on breaks helping us improve. 

      Composing will also be added into our curriculum. Several students have already dabbled a bit and have songs wrote but just need a boost with the formalities.

      This will be my fifth year in South Dayton as a private music teacher. I want to just send out a huge thank you to the community for giving me the opportunity to spreading my love and knowledge of music to you.